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  • WP0704   

    Outdoor LED Par 0704
    Input voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Light source: 7x 10W RGBW4 in1 LED
    Channel: 4/6/8 CH
    Dimming: 4 dimming curves are adjustable
    Strobe: 0-30Hz
    Lens angle: 20
    LED PWM frequency: 600Hz, 1200Hz, 2000Hz, 4000Hz, 12KHz, 25KHz adjustable
    Control mode: DMX512, master-slave, self-propelled, voice control
    Lamp life: more than 50000 hours
    OLED function menu with 4 buttons
    Heat dissipation: intelligent temperature control
    Waterproof rating: IP65
    Lamp size: 23.5x23.5x19cm
    Packing size: 25x18x22cm (single pack)
    Net weight: 4.9KG
    Gross weight: 5.1KG
    There are four dimming curves to choose from, a variety of PWM frequency adjustable, OLED display menu interface
    Exquisite die-cast aluminum shell with unique structural appearance design, thick bracket, excellent natural heat dissipation effect, silent operation, no flicker output
    High color purity, uniform light effect, waterproof grade IP65, suitable for indoor and outdoor performance lighting and other dyeing effects.

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  • WP0704