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  • PL4001

    product name:LED UV Pixel tube
    Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Color: UV 3in1,can mix many diffirent effects
    Individual pixel control Viewing angle:180°
    Pixel pitch: 25 mm
    LEDS average life span: >50,000 hours
    IN/OUT power and signal through connections RJ45
    DMX channel:8CH / Channels for universe: 480CH 120CH per pixel tube
    Universes: 4 universes
    The controller has 4 domain output ports, each of which is connected with 4 pixel tubes at most
    Control protocols: Art-net, K ling-net, DMX
    Flicker-free constant-current 600hz LED driver
    Link able in master/slave up to 4 meters
    Milky white PC, transparent PC chip optional
    Sliding bracket for vertical hardware for connection of more units
    Electronics in full digital control with front panel and LED display
    Automatic self-test function even in the absence of a console
    Sturdy aluminum profile
    Internal Protection: IP20
    Weight: 2,5 kg
    Dimensions :100x5x6cm

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  • PL4001